Monday, October 20, 2008

Finding Neverland

No wait, I think that's Finding RSS feeds... Thing #9 encouraged me to look around for ways to find useful blogs and feeds. I'm gonna come completely clean here - I looked around the suggested search sites, and just can't get excited about this whole blogging thing. I can't really say why - I just can't imagine I'll ever write in my own blog or look at anyone else's. It's just not something that needs to be a part of my life right now.
Learn and Play is helping me understand what's out there in cyberworld and what other people are doing (though I can't really understand WHY they spend so much time at the computer!) So it's useful, I guess - at least it's not a totally foreign world to me anymore!


DrawU2 said...

Here's a good example of one of the learn and play things that has proved extremely useful; during hurricane Ike, information was sent as twitters and people could pick up on it. If everyone with a cell phone was trying to call the red cross, the lines would likely be busy. Beyond that, this is the world the newer generations understand and are in touch with. I think you should give this a reak chance.

DrawU2 said...

oops....i meant real chance. LOL.