Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are we having fun yet?

A coworker told me it might be good to write about what a hard time I'm having with these "fun things", so here goes. At the onset of L&P, I thought to myself "Great! This is stuff I really need to learn about, since I'm an old fart who hasn't embraced the technology (or imagined any usefulness of) all these newfangled communication forums." Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was quickly extinguished because the online tutorials are more or less impossible for me to follow. I need to learn from a person, I guess, one who can answer questions as we go along and help me understand everything that's going on. That's how I learn ANYTHING. I'm already tired of asking my smart young coworkers - there's only so much help you can ask before before you become annoying... I'm going to try the "buddy system" - find someone else who's maybe struggling a bit, who'd like to team up, put our heads together and between us maybe we can make some progress. Wish me luck!

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Cat said...

I admire your persistence. I think the buddy system is a great idea! Maybe if you find someone at another location the two of you could take turns spending, say, 1-2 hours with each other each week at alternating locations. You could spend some of the time on L&P and some time just learning about another location. Just an idea.